Nukatap Growler Filler

One of the best growler fillers on the market today is the Nukatap. The Nukatap has a special valve called the Nukashuttle which increases laminar flow and reduces turbulence. This enables clean full vorgangs of growlers and siphons.

The Nukatap is built from lightweight food grade plastic and features a molded interior. It has a 2.5 degree reverse angle which allows it to work with heavier tap handles. In addition, the Nukatap’s inner shuttle is designed to be a heat sink. This minimizes thermal mass and acts as a heat sink for the beer. When enough cold beer flows through the tap, the valve activates and the Nukatap begins to cool the beer.

A growler filler is an essential piece of equipment for any home brewery or bar. Not only does it replace the standard spout, it also allows you to expand the NUKATAP Zapfhahn by mounting it to the Schlauch. Also, the Nukatap’s spout has a barb, so you can easily attach it to any Intertap or Nukatap faucet. If you don’t have an Intertap or Nukatap, you can use a normal spout for your growlers. However, keep in mind that you will need a beverage line of at least 1/2″ in diameter.